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Rin Okumura by leaderofmoonclan
Rin Okumura
Look I'm not dead! ^^'
Welp here's a pic of Rin Okumura from an anime I haven't actually got around to watching yet.
Still it made for a great peice for one of my lighting experiements. 
Thanks to Gurussian for the suggestion ^^
Rin Okumura belongs to the creators of Blue exorcist
Illuminating Love by leaderofmoonclan
Illuminating Love
Can you feel the love tonight~
I got to draw another lovey dovey pic for two OC warriors known as Earthfang (the brown tom) and Lillysong (the grey she-cat).
The picture actually came out better than I thought it was orginally going to (which i'm super tickled about). Honestly I was stuck on the lighting and the shading for the longest time on this pic but, after some experimenting, I finally got it to where I was satisfied with it. Once I got past that the remaining details just glided on ^^

I hope you enjoy it Ravingdovahmaster as much as I enjoyed drawing it ^^

Earthfang and Lillysong belong to ravingdovahmaster.deviantart.c…
So some of you might have been wondering why I haven't been posting a lot of drawings
(especially since I said I was going to...)

Well my orginal tablet I had was glitching (most likely due to traveling and it being a couple years old) which made it very very very aggravating to draw, especially when I was trying to learn how to do new textures, shading, etc, so I ended up just getting a new one.

Unfortunately this made a bit of a set back since I had to rework all my settings and figure out how this one worked since it was a different model than my previous one

BUT I believe I have gotten everything finally squared away and will being posting pictures again along with the remaining pictures from the request event. Don't worry they are still in the works and I apologize for the delay.
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leaderofmoonclan's Profile Picture
Welcome to my DA This is my first one where i put fanart and more personal works. My other DA is for comics and fun stories like that.
If you want to check that out then go to:…

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